Friend and Family Links

button A friends website. Has content on cars, computers, and hifi.
Mini1400 Website dedicated to my friends 1400cc Mini.

Car Related Links

Andy Robinson Race Cars. Do anything from a narrowed axle, to a complete Pro Mod drag car.
Buy Sell Cortina. Cortina related classified website. Also has useful information and articles.
Classic Ford Cortina Forum. A forum website dedicated to the Ford Cortina, MK1-5.
Club Taunus - Argentina. Argentinian club devoted to the Ford Taunus, aka Cortina. Lots of good pictures.
Cortina 80 Mark 5 website. A new website dedicated to the Cortina 80 or Mark 5.
Ford 9-inch axle details. Masses of very useful information on Ford 9-inch axles.
Ford 9-inch axle dimensions. Some useful information and dimensions of Ford 9-inch axles.
Inglese website. Some very nice carburator setups on here..
Old Panels UK. A very good source of panels and parts for all makes of cars, from the 1950's to present.
Rally Design. Suppliers of motorsport accessories.
Revolution Wheels. Classic wheels.
Sinton Tyres. UK importers and distributors of Cooper Tyres.
UK-HotRods Holmsey's hotrod site. Lots of brilliant pictures and invaluable information.

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